Sphincterotomy Knives

Sphincterotomy Knives



Our range of sphincterotomy knives include double and triple lumen as well as a range of wire sizes.

Additional Information

  • Precise wire orientation always at the 11 o'clock position provides extra safety during sphincterotomy
  • Smooth tapered catheter aids cannulation even for the triple lumen knife
  • Tantalum radiopaque metal marker for clear identification of tip placement
  • NEW Pre-Loaded triple lumen sphincterotome available!

Product Variations

Product Ref pack size number of lumens wire type wire length shape accepted guidewire nhs supply chain code
PAP1-X8-30-35-450-OL PRE-LOADED with 0.035" g slider guide wire 5 3 Monofil 30mm Short Tapered .035" N/A
PAP1-C8-20-35-OL (Monofil 20mm) 5 3 Monofil 20mm Short Tapered .035" FAL11002
PAP1-C8-30-35-OL (Monofil 30mm) 5 3 Monofil 30mm Short Tapered .035" FAL11003
PAP1-F8-30-35-OL (Monofil Half Insulated 30mm) 5 3 Monofil half insulated 30mm Short Tapered .035" FAL9236
PAP1-M2-20-35-OL (Braided 20mm) 5 2 Braided 20mm Short Tapered .035" FAL11006
PAP1-K1-06-OL (Needle Knife 6mm) 5 1 Needle Knife 6mm N/A .035" FAL11004
PAP1-K2-06-35-OL (Needle Knife 6mm) 5 2 Needle Knife 6mm N/A .035" FAL11005