Neutra-Flush® is a convenient, space saving, pre-cleaning kit containing a neutral, low foaming detergent cleanser to comply with the latest recommendations. Designed for the initial flush and wipe of an endoscope at the bedside, Neutra-Flush® is user friendly and easy to use……Just add water!

Additional Information

Kits are available in 250ml or 500ml versions and include:
  • Stable, single-use transparent measuring container
  • Easy to open 7.5ml concentrated sachet
    • 250ml = 1 sachet
    • 500ml = 2 sachets
  • Single-use sponge

Product Variations

Product Ref nhs supply chain code contents pack size
100848 250ml Kit FAL13607 Scope Shaped Sponge 100
100849 500ml Kit FAL13608 Scope Shaped Sponge 100
100850 250ml Kit N/A Flat Sponge 100
100851 500ml Kit N/A Flat Sponge 100
100288 (Individual Flat Sponge) N/A Flat Sponge 100
105026 (Individual Scope Shaped Sponge) N/A Scope Shaped Sponge 75