Mediwrap® Passive Warming Products

Mediwrap® Passive Warming Products



The Mediwrap® range of patient warming & protection products are ideal for use as a passive warming system.

Mediwrap® can be used before, during and after surgery to maintain normothermia and require no external cables or heat source.

The innovative non linting textile can be cut to expose only the operative field, reducing heat loss from uncovered areas.

Additional Information

  • Single Patient Use
  • Soft & Comfortable Inner Lining
  • No External Cables or Heat Source Required
  • Invisible to X-Rays
  • Absorbent Inner Material (up to 1.5L of body fluid)
  • Cost Effective Alternative to Forced Air Warming
  • Lightweight & Easy to Store
  • Highly Thermally Retentive
  • Non Conductive & Non Linting

Product Variations

Product Ref pack size product specifiction product length product width nhs supply chain code
MW1002 (Adult Blanket) 50 Adult Blanket 200cm 120cm EVX194
MW4002 (Vacuum packed Adult Blanket) 50 Adult Blanket Vacuum Packed 200cm 120cm N/A
MW1004 (Sleeping Bag) 25 Sleeping Bag 210cm 87cm N/A
MW1005 (Survival Bag) 10 Survival Bag 200cm 120cm N/A
MW1006 (Babywrap) 60 Babywrap 60cm 60cm EVX248
MW1018 (Child Blanket) 50 Child Blanket 150cm 120cm N/A
MW1025 (Child Critical Care Wrap) 10 Child Critical Care Wrap 180cm 57cm N/A
MW1026 (Adult Critical Care Wrap) 10 Adult Critical Care Wrap 200cm 120cm N/A
MW1043 (Procedure Blanket) 50 Procedure Blanket 200cm 120cm N/A
MW1046 (Hooded Wrap 163x87cm) 35 Hooded Wrap 163cm 87cm EVX246
MW1086 (Hooded Wrap 180x87cm) 35 Hooded Wrap 180cm 87cm N/A
MW1047 (Large Ambulance Blanket) 50 Large Ambulance Blanket 200cm 150cm N/A
MW1048 (Legging) 50 Legging 102cm 47cm EVX249
MW1042 (Cap) 200 Cap 30cm 15cm EVX250