Guide Wires

Guide Wires



Our range of Guidewires are ultra-hydrophillic and provides enhanced cannulation and greater flouroscopic visibilty

Additional Information

  • Nitinol core is kink resistant which aids device exchange
  • Range of sizes and wire types available

Product Variations

Product Ref pack size wire length wire diameter wire type additional features nhs supply chain code
WIR1-E1-72-260 (L260cm, Ø0.072" Straight) 2 260cm 0.072" Straight Extra Stiff FAL1678
WIR1-F5-25-400 (L400cm, Ø0.025" Straight) 2 400cm 0.025" Straight N/A FBE427
WIR1-F7-35-260 (L260cm, Ø0.035", Straight) 2 260cm 0.035" Straight Extra Stiff FBE396
WIR1-F7-35-400 (L400cm, Ø0.035", Straight) 2 400cm 0.035" Straight Extra Stiff FBE397
WIR1-S6-35-260 (L260cm, Ø0.035", Straight) 5 260cm 0.035" Straight N/A N/A
WIR1-S6-35-450 (L450cm, Ø0.035", Straight) 5 450cm 0.035" Straight N/A N/A
WIR1-J6-35-260 (L260cm, Ø0.035", J tip) 5 260cm 0.035" J Tip N/A N/A
WIR1-J6-35-450 (L450cm, Ø0.035", J tip) 5 450cm 0.035" J Tip N/A N/A