Endo SmartCap Range



The Endo SmartCap­­® Tubing design minimizes infection control risks that are associated with manual cleaning and sterilisation

Additional Information

Fully compatible with Olympus, Pentax and Fujinon scopes

Product Variations

Product Ref pack size compatible scope nhs supply chain code
100141 - Adapter 50 Fujinon 530 series endoscopes N/A
100145U - Endo Smartcap Tubing 10 Olympus 140/240 160/260 180/280 series endoscopes N/A
100150U - Endo Smartcap Tubing for Olympus 100/200 130/230 Series Endoscopes 10 For OLYMPUS/PENTAX 100/200, 130/230 Series Endoscopes FAL13171
100160U - Endo Smartcap Tubing for Pentax Endoscopes 10 Pentax® N/A
100165U - Endo Smartcap Tubing for Fujinon Endoscopes 10 Fujinon N/A
100170 - Endo Smartcap Sterile Water Bottle Holder - Blue 1 N/A N/A
100551 - Endo Smartcap Co2 Source Tubing with Luer Input 10 N/A N/A