EasyCure Short Wire Adaptor & Guidewire

EasyCure Short Wire Adaptor & Guidewire



EasyCure ERCP system for use with short guidewires

Additional Information

•Continuous fixation of the hydrophilic guidewire during the whole ERCP procedure ensures complete control of the guidewire •Less manipulation of the papilla due to the continuous wire fixation

Product Variations

Product Ref pack size wire diameter wire length wire type additional features nhs supply chain code
WIR1-J9-35-260 (J Tip) 2 0.035" 260cm J Tip gSlider nitinol insulated FAL12860
SPE1-Y7 (Locking Device) 5 N/A N/A N/A Guidewire Locking Device FBE426
WIR1-F9-35-260 (Straight) 2 0.035" 260cm Straight gSlider nitinol insulated FAL1664