CleanaScope® Standard Trays & Lids

CleanaScope™ Standard Trays and Lids



The CleanaScope Trays and Lids can be used in conjunction with all CleanaScope Cart sizes and the CleanaScope Sterile Liner Set.

Additional Information

CleanaScope Trays are specifically designed for use with a CleanaScope Cart and Sterile Liner Set. The trays offer a stable and protected environment for flexible endoscopes and the optional tray lids provide a secure and solid cover, which is required when transporting endoscopes outside the department.

Product Variations

Product Ref pack size product specifiction nhs supply chain code
103614 Standard Tray 1 Standard FAL18532
103615 Standard Tray Lid 1 Standard FAL18519
104456 Clear Standard Tray Lid 1 Clear FAL18520