Bite Blocks



Our range of bite blocks are available in adult and child sizes. Range includes the option of supportive headstraps

Additional Information

  • Strong and resistant to the pressure exerted by the patients jaw
  • Optional latex-free headstrap
  • Non-traumatic and rounded design maximising patient comfort

Product Variations

Product Ref pack size size includes headstrap sterile packed colour additional features nhs supply chain code
AS1001800 (Adult, Sterile packed) 100 Adult No Yes Green N/A FAL11060
AS10018002 (Adult, Sterile Packed with Head Strap, Green) 100 Adult Yes Yes Green N/A FAL1638
AS10018004 (Child, Sterile Packed with Head Strap) 100 Child Yes Yes Blue N/A FAL1622
AS10018005 (Child Sterile Packed) 100 Child No Yes Blue N/A FAL1623
105110 (Adult, with Head Strap, blue) 100 Adult Yes No Blue N/A FBE13086