Band Ligator

Band Ligator



Disposable multi-shot band ligator for Oesophageal varices designed to deploy six latex bands independently and successively from a pre-loaded cylinder.

Additional Information

Multi band ligator system includes:
  • Pre-loaded guiding catheter for easy mounting
  • Universal luer-lock connection for cleaning
  • Silicone ring for better suction
  • Yellow colour code ring for quick identification of the last shot
  • Available with 6 or 7 bands

Product Variations

Product Ref pack size compatible channel mm compatible scope number of bands nhs supply chain code
GF-OVL100 (Universal) 1 2.8 or larger Universal 6 Bands FAL13117
GF-OVL501 (Universal) 1 2.8 or larger Universal 7 Bands FAL13639