Single Ended Cleaning Brushes

Single Ended Cleaning Brushes



Our Single Ended Cleaning Brushes are available in a variety of channel length and brush head diameter.

Additional Information

  • Brush diameter, length and flexibility ensure effective and thorough cleaning
  • Tapered distal end and reinforced metallic core ease passage through angled channels and increase brush efficiency
  • Traceability: 2 detachable stickers accompany each cleaning brush

Product Variations

Product Ref pack size compatible channel mm channel length channel brush head diameter nhs supply chain code
AN1050110 (L100cm, Ø2mm, Channel 1.2mm) 50 1.2 100cm 2mm FAL1641
AN1050123 (L230cm, Ø2mm, Channel 1.8mm) 50 2.0 - 2.2 230cm 2mm FBE13104
AN1053018 (L180cm, Ø3mm, Channel 2.0-2.6mm) 50 2.0 - 2.6 180cm 3mm FAL1644
AN1055023 (L230cm, Ø5mm, Channel 2.0-4.2mm) 50 2.0 - 4.2 230cm 5mm FAL1645
AN1063010 50 2.0 - 2.6 100cm 3mm FAL1643